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  • What types of payment method do you accept?
    We offer cash, check, and card payments for all bookings. Cash is preferred by us and the majority of our renters. Checks are accepted, but we do not live locally so there might be a delay in the time it is collected and deposited after you leave it in the drop box. If this is an issue, we suggest another method of payment. NSF checks also hold an additional $50 fee. Card payments are accepted and if opted for are due by check-in. We recently have added a processing fee of 2.9% for all card payments which just covers the fee that our processor takes. Each customer gets a line items table of each option: cash or card payment method with instructions after booking. We leave it up to the customer to choose. It was our goal to provide all options for our customers and have a seamless booking process.
  • What is the "minimum" for?
    The minimum is there due to the capacity of the house, demand, and charging per person. In the winter months, demand for large snowmobile groups is high and our house has a larger capacity. It also has more costs and expense to run such as heat and electric. Smaller groups are welcome, but we hold to the minimum rate if they still would like to stay under the persons minimum.
  • Is there a cleaning fee?
    No, there are no cleaning fees. We pay all cleaning costs and this is simply to keep doing business with us... simple. In fact, we do not have any hidden or additional fees aside from the processing fee for the convenience of card payments.
  • Do you accept pets?
    No, sorry at this time we do not accept pets.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    This is in the works. It is difficult to draft completely when we accept cash payment from you without requiring a CC or some sort of deposit or booking fee (yet). If you don't show up and we don't take payment, there's nothing to hold or outline for a cancellation policy. Most are respectful on terms of our calendar and asking when they should cancel by IF it's for a reason such as no snow for winter snowmobiling. Currently, there is no penalties for cancelling under the reason of poor trail conditions due to lack of snow in the winter season for snowmobiling. In the future we might lay out some different processes, but it might change the booking experience so we just ask you work with us on this so we can keep all these options as options for you guys, like cash payments.
  • How close is this house to the snowmobile trail?
    Our house is just over a half mile to trail UP13 which runs from Southwest of Bergland to Northeast by Greenland. You are able to get to the trail from our place and to the local bar Henry's.
  • Is this previously a Peppermill rental house?
    Yes! We love Darryl and Cindy.
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